I recently installed Linux on my computer to enjoy a more versatile Ruby on Rails programming environment. The computer already had Windows 7 installed. However, I lost the booting path for windows after the installation. Currently, I cannot boot into Windows. Does anyone know how to edit Grub to allow me to choose either of the operating systems at start up?

More detail would be required. As I read from https://www.google.com/search?&q=add+windows+7+to+grub it appears we have to know which grub is in use and to be safe, which Linux.

After that I might share a direct link to what I would try.

That said, last month I did a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 (that's what was on the install media) and what a mess. The default browser barely worked. It failed on all https sites until I googled on another PC as to how to fix that. There were other issues too but it was for some legacy system and older user that couldn't get past their misconceptions about W10. I rarely do this sort of work but hey, got paid.

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