For whatever reason, since I have switched over to kde, my win-key doesn't work anymore. I heard that the k-menu should pop-up but mine doesn't do that. I hate using the mouse, so I was wondering if anyone knew a workaround for this.

I am running debian etch, with the newest ver. of kde on a Compaq presario r3000.

(by the way, I cannot find this option in the keyboard shortcuts thingy, either)

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Actually, I figured it out!

I found it in the keyboard shortcuts, it was under Panel, called "popup launch menu". the default is alt+F1, but you can't change it to the Win key on its own. I set it to the custom key-setting "Win+space"

I hope someone else finds this for their Win button problem, because that always pisses me off.

(and I'm not sure if this should be in KDE section or peripherals section ^_^U)

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