I highly suggest Dreamlinux for all those who want a really nice mac-type graphical eye candy interface

Anyone used it?

i used it ages ago when it was in alpha. may try iit again

I just downloaded and burned a live CD, I have failed to get any live CD and wireless card to work together, so that wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was I couldn't use the XGL-whatever thing they had, and I really wanted to try it out. Other than that it looked very slick.

you need a good graphics card (but not too new)

you need a good graphics card (but not too new)

Im running it really well on a 32mb AGP

thats what i mean, just not something crummy like a 4mb onboard one

dreamlinux rocks. you should really give it a try. games run good under it.

The only bad news about this is that they lost over half their developers a few weeks back. That's going to stifle development quite a bit.

my two fave eye candy/nooob friendly disrtros are pclinux os and dreamlinux

jbennet does dreamlinux have the option of installing grub to root during the install or does dreamlinux even use grub?

A Brazilian Linux distribution based on Morphix, Elive, Debian and Kanotix. It can boot as a live CD or can be installed. Uses a customized Xfce environment with exclusive icons done for this distro. The GUI has a strong similarity to that of Apple Computer's Mac OS X.

It might be fun if it can install grub to root. Otherwise I can't chainload it with my other nine chainloaded operating systems. All bootable by the way. All installed on the hard drive. See my last post in this link.


I can have xfce4 as an alternate choice on any one of my MEPIS installs and I can use xfce4 whenever I want something different than kde. You know, under sessions you have the choice of kde, xfce, fluxbox, enlightenment or whatever window manager that i have installed to MEPIS. But I like trying other linux's just to see how far they are behing MEPIS. Or if they are even close.

most linuxes can install grub to root so i supose so (have never tried it though). There livecd installer is currently beta though so maybe not