im having trouble installing the torrnet after i download.

so i download it, then it says will see indefinetly and uploading,

then it has the folder of the thing on my desktop but the files

don't work, it's says they are unreadable binary files

anyone know what i should do?

Are you sure the torrent is finished downloading? You have to wait for the files to finish. Usually, your torrent client will say "Uploading", or "Seeding", or something along those lines, once you're finished downloading it.

yeah it said seeding indefinetly and also said uploading and i waited till the whole file was uploaded but the files still didn't work right or somthing

I know it's quite a few months too late but- I am guessing you are using Bittorrent and so all you need to do is right click on the green bar and click open directory, then play, install or use the file however is necessary. It is not neccessary however to seed the file before you open it. So I guess this is just a bad file.

i need help!! i downloaded a photoshop so after its done downloading what do i do? how do i save it to my computer so that it gets used as a program on my computer?

It's already downloaded into your computer. Find the target of your torrent location for your photoshop file and it should be there. Torrent is like direct download and usually used for large files...