i have a copy of ubuntu 6.10 dappa drake or i think edgy eft is there a way to install beryl on it so i can use the cool features

if theres anybody who knows please may you let us know and tell me how to install it or how to get it

bondi 007:)

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i am sorta new to this could you tell me what synaptic is and what do i do step by step

sorry for me being such a noob

bondi 007:$


synaptic is the package manager you use for isntalling things. Its under system - administration.

Connect to the internet, go into synaptic and hit refresh (may take a while). after that you shoule be able to search for software to install. it should automatically install any dependencies that the software requires.

alternatively you can use the command line.

just do:

sudo apt-get update

wait for it then do

sudo apt-get install (packagename)

it will busy itself for a while then it will say something like, "you need x packages, they will take x space, Y/N". Choose Y to install

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