Hi guys,
I had it with this laptop, I have no clue why this Compaq Presario V3000 w/WinXP Home SP2 won't recognize the CD/DVD drive.

I looked at the BIOS, and it doesn't show up there.
I looked at the Device Manager, and it doesn't show up there. (Yes, I scanned for new hardware too...)
At least, the Disk Management will sometimes list it, but not this time.

So, I am open for ideas. What do you suggest to do?
BTW, the CD/DVD drive works, so if I put a CD or DVD the disk spins, and the light flashes and all...but WinXP won't show anything. :icon_sad:

Any help is appreciated.


Find the reset hole about 1/4" to the right of the open CD/DVD button. Take a paper clip and stick it into the reset hole to reset the mechanism. That worked for me. (after I spent hours trying everything else first...of course).

Here is how I fixed my presario V3000 dvd drive.

I couldn't see my dvd drive at all, in 'my computer' or the device manager. So I put a bootable DVD in the drive and restarted. I saw the 'press any key to boot from CD/DVD' and exit the XP setup. This makes sure that the DVD is physically working.

I did what didjdude said in his post, that is to reset the drive by taking a paper clip or whatever you fit in the pinhole in the DVD drive and sticking it in. Although I'm not sure if this just resets the drive or if this is meant to eject the drive if the drive is not responsive but it worked. It brought back the DVD drive icon in my computer and also the computer now recongnizes it in the device manager.

Next problem is that the DVD drive only read the CDs and not DVDs. So I installed Nero 7.10 on my computer and restarted. That was it, the drive recognized DVDs and also I could write DVDs now.

The pin did you did with the computer on or off? :?:

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