Currently I am running Windows Vista, with VMWare running Ubuntu 6.06LTS. I have it installed to run some sequencing software, LMMS and RoseGarden to be exact.

What are the apt-get commands for them? sudo apt-get install lmms as well as sudo apt-get install rosegarden don't work. Neither does sudo apt-get install rosegarden-1.5.1

RoseGarden doesn't include binary packages, and I can't seem to compile it either. It needs cmake, which I can't get to work!

LMMS offers binaries, but needs a bunch of libraries that apt-get should install itself, so I would like to go that way.

I would like LMMS more than RoseGarden, but they both would be nice.

I got LMMS up and running on my real Ubuntu box no problem with apt-get.

Sound is also a big problem for this. LMMS would be nice alone, but... You know... I kinda need sound too...

On my Ubuntu box I had no sound either when I installed LMMS. I open Totem and it says "Failed to connect to sound server." Any suggestions here either. I have a Realtek High Definition Audio card...

I got my virtual machine from:

I don't think it has sound disabled. I'm using VMWare Player, so how would I enable it?

Thanks in advance.

you could search for them with apt-cache search or aptitude search (note I suggest you get vmware server and make your own images (it works better))