dear colleagues,

i am using linux cetos 5 and not really an expert understanding some linux configurations. ph5, mysql5, apache2 have been installed yesterday and now i am about to do some testing for my websites.

what i would just like to achieve is to do "Virtual HTTP Server" (port 80)browsing, meaning i'll just set to the router the IP address of my linux machine (e.g. and then access it to another computer by simply typing to the browser to view my webpage. i am able to do this in a windows xp machine but not in linux. i've searched the web about this problem, and here's what i have done so far:

- i edited httpd.conf file and added the following lines at the bottom:

DocumentRoot /var/www/virtual/mywebfolder
ServerName test

- saved httpd.conf file then restarted apache

i also tried httpd -S and it's telling me syntax OK and doesn't give me an error. i really had a hard time finding what's the problem. i would really appreciate any help that you could give.

thanks in advance.

- hayunna

The problem is you don't propagate the host name changes across your computers. You'd need a local dns for that. Or you could just edit the hosts file. I'm guessing that you can access it by typing the ip in?

Hello there:

I am not really clear on what you want. So let me ask, do you want to run the web server on a linux host,, and then access the web page from another computer?

I am assuming that both computers are on the same network since is a private IP. Another thing, instead of having it as ServerName test, I would suggest you change it to:


and as well add a line like this:

ServerAlias * *