With the gadgets sadly lacking from the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, I am glad to report that a British company that specializes in bringing unlikely innovation to market has stood up and been counted to fill the gap. Virtuity has today announced it has developed self-destruct technology for lost and stolen mobile phones.

BackStopp Mobile has been released, designed to totally obliterate the contents of a lost or stolen mobile phone or other hand held device. The technology uses the mobile's own communications to track it down, pretty much anywhere on the planet. But the interesting stuff starts when the tracking has finished and the phone has been located.

BackStopp starts deleting all information that could be of any interest or value to any villain, be they of Blofeld proportions or just chancer looking to make a few bucks. Once the data has been wiped, BackStopp then sets about creating a report to detail exactly what data has been erased, when it was erased and where the devices was when the erasing took place.

The good news is that this is not some MI6, or FBI for that matter, gadget but rather a data protection solution that anyone and any business can employ. It supports all Windows Mobile OS devices at the moment, while a Nokia Symbian OS version is under development.