Tried to install macOSX leopard on my newly installed hard disk (macbook intel core duo). Btw, the installer DVD belongs to my newer mac (intel core 2 duo) since its original dvd is missing. Tried installing, "this MacOSX cannot install on this computer".
Anyone can help? Greatly appreciated.


Make sure new HD is properly formatted for Mac os extended (journaled). You can do this through disc Utility. You can get to this from the install DVD, go to Toolbar/Utilities/ Disc-utility.

Also you can try, to go into Target Mode on the Mac you want to install leopard on, by holding down the letter T, while the system is booting. then Connect to New Mac via Firewire or USB, the Drive from old mac should come up in the finder window or on your desktop, Put DVD in the drive that you want to install from. Then Navigate to Applications/Utilities/Disc utility, and try and format and install from there.

Try to Partition then install

To Partition:

1.Click on Partition Tab
2.Then choose format type, Mac os extended journaled
3. Then Apply

To install

1. Click on restore Tab
2. Drag New HD to destination
3. Then Drag CD to source (Put DVD in the drive that you want to install from,install DVD will also be on the right)
4. Then click restore
5. Then install

hope that works

Let me know how that goes!!

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Do you have the install log? The problem most likely stems from the fact that you're using a machine-specific disk (rather than the retail version of Leopard). Other people with this issue have reportedly solved it with Target Disk Mode, though you'll need a Firewire cable -- USB isn't supported in this mode.

Hi, you don't state what model your 'newer' Mac is that you are using the DVD from. There are two types of system disk for a Mac. If your disk is grey then it is designed for use only with the model of Mac it was distributed with. If your newer Mac is an Intel iMac for example your disks will not work with a MacBook.

Even so if you have purchased the black retail version of the OS this is intended for single licence use only unless you have purchased the family version that allows it to be installed on up to 5 separate Macs.

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