Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading my message firstly!

I am working from a MacBookPro and running the internet through a wireless connection.
However, I can surf the net with ease but whenever I try to log in to my Hotmail or yahoo account I get an Error message. The passwords are correct as I can view it on a pc, just not my mac!

Not being able to sign in also applies to checkouts or User accounts on web sites such as Play.com or Amazon.

Can anyone help,...........please!!!!!


It might help if you said what the error message was. Just a thought.

Thanks for the tip.

After the logging in page, the page refreshes to a blank white page with the error message of

'Request Timeout

The server timed out while waiting for the browser's request.
Reference #2.d83183e.1195901487.0

Hope this helps


Have you tried using a different browser, like Firefox or Opera?

You might also want to try going to System Preferences->Network. Select your wireless adapter, and you should be able to see under "TCP/IP" the IP address of your router (usually 192.168.x.x). Under "DNS Servers", add this IP address, apply your settings, and try again.

Thanks for the tip on the browser but I have tried using Firefox but had no joy!

However, I did what you suggested regarding adding the DNS server and it worked, so thanks.
I went to 'Preferences>Network>TCIP>DNS Server and added
As I said, this worked but then when I re-booted my mac I again couldn't access my internet accounts.

Any other suggestions would be great?


Does your internet work correctly if you hook up your Mac directly to your Internet (ie. bypassing the router)?

Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work.

Since you have posted this suggesttion I have also been told to try and run my system Install discs but again had no joy!

I have also opened my hotmail account on another Mac with no problems so this means it it definetely a setting or problem with my machine. I have looked in System preferences for anything I thing would cause this but I'm not too sure I'm technical enough.

Any other thoughts would be appriciated......