Hi, i recentrly bought an external DVD unit, and started to burn such pieces of art...well my issue is that i have a lot of old apple tv ads, then i want then all in DVD, there´re all about 99 ads, but i used TOAST, the problem is that once the DVD is burned, in order to view them i have to select each one of them, instead of viewing em all on a streamline like video, like a movie.

there´s any software i could use to correct this issue, or to produce what i want to produce?

thanks buds

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Sounds like you need to combine the Ads into a single file. That should be really easy to do with iMovie. Just import them and save or export the final product to be burned by Toast or iDVD.

iLife is not free, but works well. To save some $$ search for an older version '04 or '05.

Good Luck.


I agree that iDVD is the answer to your needs. Gotta be careful when you burn a disk... sometimes you are just burning a bunch of files (a la data backup) and other times, you are making an actual movie/presentation.

Good question, and hope it works well for you.


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