It's my first time here. I've been looking around within the Mac forum and wondering if anyone else has been having issues like mine since upgrading.

I've already had to do a clean install of 10.5. I'm on an Intel Mac Pro. I lost functionality of my external iSight webcam recently. iMovie HD (version 6), iChat 4 stopped working as well as Photo Booth. No amount of troubleshooting worked. I suspect the wireless Logitech trackman played a part in it. I tried uninstalling Logitech's wonderful drivers but that didn't solve my problems.

Bit the bullet, wiped the drive clean and started over. Now I'm back to a functioning machine.

Adobe's Photoshop CS3 isn't exactly behaving well either. I guess Apple and Adobe and pointing fingers at one another on this. I just updated Photoshop CS3 to 10.0.1 So far so good.


I'll be checking back.

I can confirm that Leopard is not without its bugs. While I have not experienced the iSight problem you describe, I have had a number of other issues pop up that are somewhat annoying. Oh well, that's the way most new operating systems are.

Yes, I have issues but it's worth the trouble. Don't forget to send your bug reports to Apple, that's how they get to fix them for us. I find the bugs fun because even though I am in the ICT business it helps me understand how Leopard works. Glass half full, not half empty. Enjoy your new operating system :)

Why not stick with 10.4 until the bugs get worked out with 1.5.1? What is the reasoning about moving ahead with the very latest thing.
I have a full featured Mac Pro on order for my latest upgrade to Adobe CS3... so would like your perspective.

>Why not stick with 10.4 until the bugs get worked out with 1.5.1?
It all depends on your situation. If you're in a production environment, you probably care more about stability and consistency than added features. An average home user likely won't mind a few extra glitches (which eventually get fixed) in return for a new operating system. Leopard does include quite a number of new features (some quite badly-needed), which is why a lot of people are upgrading to it.

I have had programs quit unexpectedly since upgrading to Leopard. Hopefully the bugs will be addressed soon.

Yeah, I've had a few issues, too, although to be honest for me the issues were no worse than when I upgraded to an intel Mac...still can't get Microsoft Office 04 to work properly, but then I guess it's my fault for not upgrading to 2007...