I and several others share one internet connection. Now we are constantly over the download limit, but everybody claims to "behave" and we want to find out which machine produces the problem. So we are searching urgently for software that records the amount (none is interested in contents) of down- and upload per machine.

The Activity Monitor (and several apps that use it) only counts from the last re-start, which obviously doesn't help much since I will have to check and people forget not to turn off their computers... I am searching for something that would give the amount per day, or week, or any time, even if the machine was off during that time.

It would be OK if each of us would have to install that on the respective machines, or if it were something to use with the router. Everything is fine.

We all run Macs, mostly X.4, we all have fix IPs.


Take a look at something like the freeware program SurplusMeter.

Super! that is exactly what i need.
thanx a lot!

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