Okay I am a new user to Mac so I know I did something stupid even a new Mac use would know, I deleted all the files +more under the folder "Utilities" and not I cant install anything all file types are ".MPKG" is there any ways I can restore this problem?.

Reinstall Mac OS X.

Hmm, if your using Leopard you can reinstall without loss of your files. Boot from the cd by holding down the 'c' key until the Apple is on the screen. After it asks you what language then follow your nose to the Utilities I think and find the option.
If you haven't got Leopard then it's worth the money. Change partition HD without loss of data etc, just great!

A couple of extra things I should mention:

- When reinstalling Mac OS X, you don't necessarily have to wipe off all your files. In the "options" area, there should be an "Archive+Install" installation option. Choosing this will archive all your old system files, while preserving all your userdata, so that as soon as it's finished installing, you're back in business again.

- I think it's possible to reinstall the system utilities, among other applications, individually, by poking around on the installation CD. I remember the install folder being invisible on the Leopard disk (which would complicate things a little), but I think with Tiger and earlier, you can simply double-click on the .pkg file you need to reinstall.

I have copied the dmg to a HD. You should be able to the have a look at it through finder and look at the package. There is always more than one way to skin a cat. Have a play, I use time machine to backup my boot drive for some of the problems that you have experienced.