My ibook is starting up with either no screen (not starting up) or a white screen with a big colored block for a cursor.

I can not start in single user, verbose mode.

In safe mode i get the white screen once in a while.

I hear the hard drive start but it stops and I tried booting off an install disk but that did not work.

it has 10.2.xx as its latest.

for kicks I plugged an ethernet cable in and got the blue/grey apple screen with the clock running once but the screen went white with some blue lines at the thirds.



Did you try zapping the PRAM and see if that helps you? I am wondering if your computer is having some other issues internally. It is possible your hard drive got corrupted, but if you are having trouble booting from CD, then there is something greater going on.

How far into the CD-ROM boot did you get?


The boot would not take. It just spinns the disk for a while then stops.
If I push the number lock or caps lock key the light is powered on.
Also when I connect it to my pc it shows a plugged and ready network connection. Though I can not access the hard drive.

I tried reseting the power module, nvram reset...etc

P.S. At this moment it miraculously turned on , but I have my doubts if it will
stay on. I am going through web support and reading what some start up problem solvers I can use.

Still need the suggestions and helg


well that did not last long.

I tried to connect the pc the the ibook through a cross over cable (an attempt to save the data)

the display went haywire

then I tried to restart

and again it will not start. I am going to try to let the battery drain. (cap light is still on)

gotta love a mac


Hi there! I'm new to the forum, experiencing similar problems as described above -- Turn on iBook, get grey screen. Once got false hope when the grey apple showed up but no spinny progress wheel thing. Restarted only to get grey screen again.

I tried zapping the PRAM, resetting the MVRAM, resetting the PMU and all to no avail.

Did draining the battery work? How does one do this (is it simply to turn it on until the battery is drained & the computer goes to sleep, or is there something more complex to this?)

Also, are there any other options in addition to draining the battery that I can try?

If anyone can help my little suffering computer it would be greatly appreciated



Draining the battery will have no effect on it. Why? Try taking hte battery out, that's the same as draining it in the end. It won't help.

What you should be doing is putting in the CD/DVD installer that came with your Mac and booting from it and then running Disk Utility and "Repair Disk" (not permissions).

depending on which iBook you have there is a good chance your logic board has gone bad. If your iBook is less than three years old then I would call Applecare or go to an Apple Retail Store as it may be covered out of warranty.