Hi i am trying to figure out a way to burn to dvd as i import the signal direct from my sony camera.Do i have to first import it into prgramme like imovie ?Or to burn direct on the fly do i need another prgramme.I do not have idvd at present I basically want to get the videos off the tape onto dvd.I don't need to edit etc just copy them straight. I did import into imovie but ran out of space. I do have a second disc - called space - that has lots of room but i can't figure out how to get imovie to write to that space disc.I tried copying over the imovie programme to space disc but it still writes to the the first disc.Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank


I doubt you are going to be able to write directly from the camera to a DVD burner. While I know Firewire is fast, I am not certain if the hardware is designed to go that route.

I'll have to get home and look at iMovie and see what it has to say about temp files and storage locations.


Thanks ChristianAppreciate the advice.I was wondering if Apple DVD Studio Pro 3.0 would do more of the trick.I have heard that imovie may have a limit of about 2gb.I cannot for the life of me find where you can change the storage locationPaul

you have to import the video to your mac first, then you could burn it on a dvd. in my experience, iMovie (then iDVD) can only burn a video length of 1 hour, otherwise the quality would be poorer.

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