A Dell salesman misrepresented the Dell 968 AIO printer. I just bought the printer for my wife who is a Dell user. Upon questioning the Dell salesperson about Mac compatibility he said there would be no problem getting the driver for my Macbook Pro. Now that I have the printer, the driver does not exist for the Mac. When I called Dell a CSR said Dell is discussing future with Mac, but no drivers now. Is there any thing I can do to use the printer.
Thanks Clarence

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I noticed this thread is two years old, but now I need a dell printer driver for my new iMac. Is there still nothing out there?


i've got a brand new macbook and an old 2003 dell printer that i'd love to connect it to - but cannot find a mac os driver anywhere. do i really have to bin a perfectly good working printer. scanner and copier because dell and mac aren't in bed together?


I know it's been a month since the last post - but I had a similar problem with my Epson, and found a driver called Gutenprint. It worked and I could print to it (the printer has issues with InDesign and printing larger than letter pages) with the paper size I needed.

Just have not figured out how to color calibrate it yet - I really need to so I can use the printer with programs other than Illustrator and Acrobat.

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