My friend's old G4 needs a wireless card, and he would like to know where he can get a good one (preferably online) for a decent price? The Mac Shop he's been to are charging him something ridiculous apparently.

The specs of the machine:
Processor: 800 MHz G4
Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Anyone with a useful link/tip is very much appreciated, thanks.

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Hey joe, the guy says as far as he knows, it is a "PowerPc G4" Apple computer. He reckons it's older than an iMac and it's not a PowerMac... I haven't seen it yet so unfortunately I can't elaborate on that. Is the above not enough information to know what kind of wireless card it requires?


>Is the above not enough information to know what kind of wireless card it requires?
No, it's kind of important that you know what kind of a computer you're trying to stick it into. Can you get some sort of description of it? Is it a cube? Is the whole computer contained in the monitor? Or is it a tower?

I found some images on Google. Let me know if they fit the description.
PowerMac G4 Cube
PowerMac G4 Tower
eMac G4
iMac G4


In that case, adding airport shouldn't be very difficult at all.

I should have thought of this earlier. Go to Applications/Utilities/System Profiler, and under Hardware Overview there should be "Model name" and "Model identifier". Then underneath the "Hardware" thing in the sidebar, there should be "FireWire". Post all that here; it's important to know the exact model and the type of FireWire connection.


Hey, that's a really good website, thank you sir, it's much appreciated.

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