Can anyone tell me if there is a free download for any programs like Spybot or Spy Blaster, that will check for nasty spyware on my G3, I'm running Jaguar. I've looked & can't find anything, it all seems to be for Windows. There must be something out there somewhere, I'm obviously just not looking in the right place.
Thanks, Donna. :rolleyes:

Hello Donna,

I am not aware of any, probably because I have not looked. A number of Windoze IE faults are not available (thank god!) on the Macintosh because of the differences in hardware and software.

It is very true that the spyware is not considered a virus, so traditional virus utilities will not recognize it as such.

Is there anything happening on your computer that is causing you to look for such a utility?



Thanks Christian, no I'm not having any problems as yet. However, having switched over from Windows to Mac, I'm very aware of the numerous Trojans out there, as I've had major problems in the past. I know Mac security is great, just looking for extra protection, 'cos once they get in, they can be hard to eliminate.
Donna :cool:

Hi Donna,
i am also a 'switcher' to mac (Imac G4 in this case) and still got those "windows fear spasms" when too many windows pop up while browsing (fearing that it would stall as it would in Windows)But here u can click apple Q and quit.
I would suggest you to upgrade to Panther (u could buy in a secondhand online store for 50$ or so), or Tiger, because in Safari Browser u can block popups already and could download ' Pit Helmet'. :
With that one u can block ad's, popups popunders and nasty cookies.
It tends to be shareware and every now and then it asks to register.
But you can press: Skip and then just click the "register screen" away.
(though be aware that with blocking, many webpages might not always fully load or show all of its content well, (like some images i noticed)) Mmm, nasty that most sites don't have for example plain HTML without the nasty trackingsoftware!!! :(

:cool: Sanne

1. What is the best spybot software for my new Macbook Pro?

2. What is the best drive clean up software for a Mac which would clean up intimate information, cookies, trackers, etc permanently?

The problems with spyware is not "annoying windows" or "viruses that freeze your computer"

The problem is that spyware will send private information to who-knows-where without affecting ANY performance (many times it does but not always). This could be trackers which track your internet activity, malware which could send passwords, etc...

So the problem is not "where does your computer slow down that you need ant spyware" but the point is that you don't know its there... probably ever.

My mother just called me, while browsing the web on her MAC - she managed to pick up some jacker, spyware, malware or what ever, and she is now getting offers on viagra and gay porn poping up on her MAC - irony is all the mac forums say this wont happen and there is no need for spyware/hijack protection software. i am on pc and i run spybot in the background - the tea timer. Never had a problem since installing it - had a few baddies before spybot, i'll admit, but that's a thing of the past for me and my pc. MAC on the otherhand - beware - the big nasty is comming for you, and you dont have protection...

Are you looking for help or what? If you are you can go to the Mac OSX forum there and create a new thread there with you problem, i will reply it. If you are not, than i see no point in your post above.

i myself would like to know myself and where is the mac forums?

Jamie - hit the 'forums' button and browse, or go direct to the MacOS forum here if you prefer. You can also use the DaniWeb tagging system and search by whatever tag you want to find, Mac, iOS etc etc...

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