hello, any help will be greatly welcome and needed.

i'm afraid my laptop (a powerbook g4) had a slip today. the fall was not that high from the bed to the carpeted floor, and the music that i had been playing did not even skip. i rushed over to it and examined it closely, but nothing was wrong. then, i went to finish my homework, and i realized that when i pressed the caps lock key it both typed in 4rfv and turned my volume down. the job the f3 key still does, along with the caps having taken it on. not only this, but suddenly worried i checked the other keys.

my arrow up key does not work to scroll up, it toggles the view, which is suppose to, and once again still does, when you press the f7 and the up arrow together. my numbers and letter seem unaffected, along with punctual keys such as: ; , . \ . my bracket key does something strange, but i'm afraid to press it. it types in more numbers, i know.

so, anyway, i looked over all the help things, burned alot of disk just in case, and than went to try and fix it. well, i cant for my life figure out what is wrong. i can even get caps, if i wish to press the cap key once and get 4rfv and than press it again and get 4RFV. is anyone able to help me? i've looked at the short cuts, i thought some how it got messed up there, but i can't fix it. everything else is fine. i have not restarted my computer, i am afraid to, but i guess i'll have to try at one point or another.

thank you for your time,


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It's highly unlikely that this is a solvable software problem. More likely it's a hardware issue resulting from the PB's fall. Unfortunately, this would require a trip to your local Apple Store/Certified hardware specialist.


Do you have a second keyboard around? Try that out, and see if there is a failure too. If an external keyboard has the same problems (highly unlikely), then it could be software. The external keyboard (USB) would be a good short term fix.

But I would put my money on a busted keyboard. You were fortunate; a keyboard is rather inexpensive. It is the LCD screen that would send you screaming.


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