Apple computers a new to me and I need help. I have a customer that forgot her user name and password and I am trying to reset it for her. I currently have the computer in single user mode and when I typed sh /etc/rc and hit return

the computer came back with

name-of-customer-computer netinfod local[51]: cannot look up child

does anyone know what this means

thanks in advance for any help that you can provide

(Note: this only works in 10.4 and earlier. Leopard (10.5) no longer contains the NetInfo database or its associated utilities.)

To find the username:

niutil -list . /users

That prints out the list of usernames in the NetInfo database. Hopefully you'll recognize which one is yours. Once you've got that:

passwd username

where 'username' is your username. Enter a new password, confirm it, and then type 'reboot' to boot back into OS X.

thanks John A

it worked the first time I did it

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