im hoping someone can help me get my blue g3 imac up and running again...?

im not sure if im posting this in the write place, but im new to this forum stuff, and dont know my way around yet.....

anyway, i was given a blue g3 imac recently by somebody who had messed about with it by trying to install a "copy" of os9.2 (g4) version onto it, they told me that when he booted up you get the "?" inside a folder, then would say the firmware needs updating, so i told him to get an origanal os9.2 install disc and restart while holding down "c" which he did... then half way through the installation he had a power cut.

so now when you startup, you hear the chime, then the screen goes white, and there is some text at the top left handside saying firmware missing and >ok. and all you can do is type.....

you cannot use the mouse or start from cd.

is there anything i can do?

i know a bit about sorting problems out on macs, cos iv had a few myself, i also have a beige g3 and a dual 2.5 g5 , witch iv had problems with and fixed, but this one has stumped me....

please help!


trying to install a "copy" of os9.2 (g4) version onto it

Are you sure the copy is alright? Scratches on the CD? Can you test it with a similar machine?

thanks for the reply dude!!! but as i said the machine is only giving me a white screen with text!!! and all you can do is type, it wont even let you hold "c" to start!
i fixed many probs but not this one yet!

i think i might try taking the drive out and linking it with my g3 internaly, then try to install os9.2 or even panther on it!!! il let ever1 now if it works!!! ps (did you read the whole message)??? jamesthe4th