Hi mac people. I am currently planning to purchase a notebook. It will be my first Apple computer (replacing my windows PC)
I had planned to buy a 14" ibook (1.2Ghz/768Mb ram/60Gb HD/superdrive/bluetooth/airport extreme) but yesterday came across the following at slightly less cost than the new ibook.

Factory Refurbished powerbook G4
15 inch screen
512mb ram
80Gig hard drive
Airport Extreme card

I would welcome any advice on which may be the better option for me.
The main things I would use it for are as follows:-

email/web surfing/web forums.
word processing
digital photography (at home & whilst travelling in our motorhome)
If possible I would also like to replace the conventional television I have in our motorhome with the notebook (to save space)

Would I notice any appeciable difference in speed between the powerbook with 512Mb Ram against the ibook with 768Mb ram? (different processor & bus speeds?)

I believe that the ibook has no PC card slot, whereas the powerbook does. Would I need the Pc card slot, to obtain Tv reception?

Is the screen display on the powerbook noticeably better than the ibook? (Higher resolution?)

The factory refurbished unit comes with 3 month warranty (extendable for extra cost).

Thank you in advance for your advice


I prefer the Powerbook over the iBook. The PB has a larger motherboard pipeline, meaning more efficient data transfer within the unit. The PB also features a larger video RAM, allowing dual video displays instead of just the video mirroring option.

I also like the PB larger video screen. I do a lot of tech work, including remote control of people's computers, and having that extra video real estate is a good thing in my book.


I also think that the Powerbook would be a better option. I've noticed that Powerbook screens tend to be a bit sharper and brighter.

There are a few option for TV reception. You could look at the EyeTV from El Gato that takes cable or antenna. It will work with either machine because it's USB, but you'll get better/quicker recording with the Powerbook.