So one day I decided to update software on my new macbook pro without realizing my laptop wasn't connected to the power source.
well, I quickly got a big sign that said my laptop needs to be connected to the power source. then SuperDrive Update 2.1 froze and unexpectedly closed. now everytime i start my computer, it likes to open and unexpectedly close. well everytime that happens i get the annoying pop windows letting me know that no other programs were damaged in the process.

what should i do any1?
any ideas? i want it to stop messin up.
im using mac os x 10.4.11

Please tell about SuperDrive Update 2.1?

I personally would just reinstall Tier using "archive and install"it is very quick and it leaves your home folder in tact, I am sure people will say that is overkill but since you pick up where you left off (the same as restarting minus some preferences) I see it as a good solution for anything that seems to have messes with the file system.

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