New to all this, so if I've done it wrong, tell me!


I have a long (3000 names) mailing list stored as data in columns, of course.

In combining lists, some of the address entries are in Caps others in Upper and Lower case.

Is there any command to format existing column content, for example, to ALL CAPS or UPPER case? Or better yet, the content to Title case. Microsoft word offers "Change Case" with a variety of choices. Is there something similar I can't find for Microsoft Excel?

I did find functions for UPPER and LOWER but can't see how to apply them to a column or group of cells.

Changing it one cell at a time is too ugly to even think about.

Thanks to all who take time to consider this.

Hi Birsha,

Upper, Lower and Proper are the text converters in Excel, but you have to create a new column, where the results can be stored.

Add a column to the right of the one you have. If you want title case, go to the cell next to the first entry (e.g. if your addresses are in column D, and your first entry in D2, do this in E2). Type in the formula =PROPER(D2), then fill down (you can do this by mouse - yeeuch! - but there's a nice keyboard shortcut to do this).

Hope this helps.