HI. I have 2 questions.
1. I'm looking for software to join clips saved as blahblah.avi.001 & blahblah.avi.002. What mac os X software is there? I Can't find anything and any help would be appreciated.

2. I'm downloading sound files to an external drive via Firefox. But I'm noticing that my internal drive's size also decreases even though I'm downloading to an EXTERNAL drive? Does anyone know why? and 2. How can I purge so that I can my memory back? ( I can't find anything in Cache - don't know where else to look). I'm using OS 10.4.8

Thanks in advance

Any video editing software will do #1. Apple has some good paid offerings or you can search tucows.com and sourceforge.net for something like "Mac video editing"

#2 is a little more complicated, I would guess it's a matter of temporary files. Any time you're downloading something it has to cache it on your system drive. If the files are staying on there after they're done downloading and clearing the cache doesn't do it... I'm afraid you're over my head (on Mac).