Please help me, folks :)

I have an OS 10.3 machine and a Windows XP Professional machine on the same workgroup / LAN. I use Samba to share files between them, and that works just fine.

I also have my mac set up to share its printers. Therefore, my Windows machine is able to print to my mac printer. This also works perfect.

I am also sharing my Windows printer. I'm sure that sharing is enabled and there is the little share hand under the printer. The printer also shows up in My Network Places.

However, when I go to my Mac, I go to the Printer Utility. I click on Add a Printer, and I choose Samba Printer. It shows the name of my Windows machine in the list. I select it. And no printers are available :(

Are there any other ideas that I could try?

Yeah - move your Windows printer to your Linux box and use Samba to share the printer to your other systems :)

You can also get a cheap (less than $40) network print server that you just plug into the back of your printer and connect to your LAN with a CAT5 cable. That way you don't have to ask us how to do print serving under Samba :P

(and Yes, I'm BACK! :)


Check to make sure that the Everyone group can print to the printer. Go to your XP machine, and look at the permissions of the printer object.

You might also need to hammer out the UNC path of the printer explicity.


I also fully agree to let one place manage the printers... and I think that Samba is your best choice on this, as you are dealing with two platforms. While you might like the intellectual exercise of all these little pockets of installation and management, it is not smart business. Keep the printers in central administration pockets.


Please help me, folks :)....

Are there any other ideas that I could try?

Yes! Try adding Print Services for Unix on your Windows machine, print via LPR from the Mac using IP address of Windows box and queue name is the Share name(case sensitive).