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AAPL closed at $70.20 on January 14, 2005 For reference, they were in the $20's this time in January 2004.

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I sold at $50. I bought it at $13. Tidy profit, but I'm STILL kicking my own ass for not holding onto it!


Stocks do have a tendency to go up and down over time.:evil:

yeah, that's so cool, eh? One good example is how Apple's stock climbed from 20 dollars to 80 dollars while MSFT was around 30 dollars a share in November and now is at $26.:o

Another good example is how Apple's stock has gotten so high that they're performing a stock split to get the price down to a more tradeable price :cheesy:


Are we really doing this? Comparing Microsoft's stock performance to Apple's? Give me a (and everyone else on this board) break.


Are we really doing this?

I dunno, I can only speak for myself, you do what you want, but play nice.;)

WHEW look at that stength index go up! And my goodness! what a jump in price!

Wow I'm seeing more peaks and valleys here than during my trip to the Rockies!

(charts courtesy of nasdaq.com)

I think it's really cool how well Apple's doing, and Microsofts relatively mediocre performance this past year must really have some of those lil fellers down in Redmond feeling queasy.


Heheh, I was wondering if you'd think of doing that. Who knew numbers could be such fun? :p


Its nice to see that both companies are doing good. I don't have any stocks in MSFT or AAPL. Only Yahoo! and some other internet related companies.

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