Hi everyone,

I just got my new Powerbook G4 today and it's working great except for one thing, I can't access hardly any websites. The computer says that it cannot find the server for the website. .Mac, CNN.com and a handful of others work, but nothing else. Not even the Apple store will pop up, only .Mac. I'm hooked up to a LAN from a satellite internet service that we have set up in our hangar in Afghanistan. I think it has something to do with proxys but our administrator says that the system doesn't use proxys, so I don't have them enabled. Everyone else uses PCs and are of no help. Anyone know what to do about this?

Update- if I type in index.html at the end of the address, I can access more websites. Still not all of the ones that I use, though, and no secure ones. Help!



It sounds to me that there is a DNS problem on the computer. A quick way to check that is to go to a working computer, and ping the address of a site you are trying to reach (ping www.daniweb.com). Then, find out the IP numbers (lets say Go back to the mac, and in the browser window, type in the IP numbers. IF the site comes up, you have a DNS problem.

Check in the Network Properties tab of your computer to ensure it is properly setup, and that the DNS servers are correctly listed.


OK, after typing index.html after the all the websites I was trying to access for about a half an hour, everything started to work. Now I can get on everything, even secure sites. Weird. Thanks for the help.


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