hi, can any one help me? i'm going mad here!!


ive been given some .zip files with an archive inside...
ive un zipped the .zip archive but now it looks like i have another inside, all with the file extention .p01 , .p02 , .p03 , .p04 etc.... how do i extract the files within?

i have read someware about "Lock and burn" the image but i cant find out how to.

can any one help me?


Thanks.. DAVE :mrgreen:

Good Morning,

It is possible to work with zip files on the Mac. While it is not the traditional Stuffit format, there are Zip programs out there for the Mac, and most of them Shareware.

My guess is that you have some sort of segmenting going on, although I am not sure. Why? Because You unzipped the archive, the single archive, and now have all the .p01 .p02 .p03 files. Perhaps you have an installation sets of disks, or maybe these are pages to a postscript program.

This could help. Download a file typer utility, such as:


Don't change anything, but find out what the file types of the .p01 ... files are. They may be defined, they might not be. BUt they might hint to where they belong.


thanks but there in a zip file coz they came from easy news. the files u download are altomaticly put into a zip file so u can get them all at once. i think they should make 1 archive with maybe 3 .toast images or .iso images.

what is this lock and burn i keep hearing of?



it's ok i done it now.. i used the full version of stuffit

thanks n e way

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