I am trying to help a friend troubleshoot a problem.
He is running OS X.2 (yeah...) on a G5, and fairly
recently his system has stopped recognising web cams.

For instance, when he starts up iChat, no green cam icon
appears on the panel. It's as if the system itself does not
detect that the cam is connected.

Since he has installed and tried two different cams,
I am assuming it's not the cam or the driver, but the
OS itself. Perhaps something in the OS has become

So, how might this be fixed? My suggestion was to
re-install the OS, and actually to upgrade to X.3.5 or later.
He doesn't want to do this, out of fear of what else
that might break. And, I've never re-installed a current
version of the OS, so I don't know whether this will mess
up any of his preferences, or other installed SW.

Suggestions are welcome.


What are the webcams?
There is a depressing lack of support for most web-cams from OS X - which seems to mean that only horrendously expensive kit works.
Did the cams used to work?
has he installed any other software recently?

Firewire or USB webcams? Has he replaced the cable?