This started happening all at once and I don't know why. YouTube videos that I post on my blog are not visible after downloading.

When I click on the blank space, the audio plays, but I can't see the video.

This is not happening on other blogs that I visit, only on mine when I view it from my computer.

I have scoured Mac preferences and Camino preferences and have not been able to find the cause.

If I switch to Firefox all videos are visible and fine.

Any comments?

Danarchy commented: Glad somebody else likes Camino +6

As a general practice, have you cleared your caches and cookies to make sure you dont have something that is keeping you from viewing the video? that may be why it only effects your own blog

I had this problem as well... it went away with 1.6.7.

Now if I could only place articles in Blogspot that allow pictures and other attachments... I have to switch back to Mozilla for most of my blogging.

I have similar problems with Camino 1.6.7 and Flash, depending on the site. I cannot view my email on my ISP's web page. Just keeps opening their welcome page.
I reset Camino and some sites I had issues with were fine, but not my ISP's.
I found a free app called Troubleshoot Camino and it makes a temporary fresh installation to see if that fixes problems. It did. So I need to do a fresh installation of Camino but need to figure how to save my bookmarks easily.
You can find this app on Camino's site or a search engine.

Good luck with it.

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