trying to understand iso files. Is mounting and burning and iso the same? When a program like Poweriso or alcohol mount an iso on a CD is that different from burning? I "borrowed" a program from Pirate Bay and the program runs but is looking for specific files on CD, which I have burned but it doesn't see them. Does it have to do with burning and mounting of the iso files, which I burned to CD.


This is probably specific to the actual program you're trying to run. Contact support for the company/individual that created the software; I'm sure they'll be happy to assist you in getting it running.

Is mounting and burning and iso the same

Mounting is where you can open an .iso image as if it was a disk in the drive, without having to physically burn it.

Burning is physically burning the image to a cd.

Burning an .iso image is NOT the same as burning a file. The .iso image its a copy of a disk, "inside it" could be many hundreds of files and directories, for example. So dont just burn the .iso to a disk as a file, you need to burn it as an image. Nero etc... has a mode for this, dont know about macs OSX.

And please, dont be a software pirate (and dont bring it up again here)

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