When I attempt to use the Software Update (under apple insignia), it comes back with an error that it cannot connect. I have run the diagnostic, which comes back and says, there is nothing wrong with the internet connection (ethernet).

Am trying to ultimately download a Java update and it will not install until I first run the Software Update. Which of course, doesn't work.

Using PowerMac G4 PPC, OSX 10.4.6.

BTW, this started some time ago when I attempted to download highest version of 10.4, but unknowingly, chose the incorrect one. Ultimately had to do a clean install of 10.4 from CD. Ever since, the software update has not functioned at all.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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You might want to try manually downloading the updates from Apple's website. Perhaps when the system is updated Software Update will work again.

Thanks. My hesitation has always been not knowing exactly which one to download. This isn't a good excuse, just an explanation:

Ever since my last attempt that ended with hours of trying to just get things back to any assemblance of operation, I am very gun shy to download any operating system.

I was told I had skipped too many updates in between the 10.4.6 which is what I am using now, and whichever one I attempted to download.

Thought I had been careful to pick the right one but it was a nightmare.
I don't want to go back to the I-blew-up-the-whole-darned-thing stage. What a wuss! Guess I should just get the newest CD.

Thanks again.

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