Hi guys and gals.
i have a problem with one of our macs at work,

we have a mac running 10.3 server which has a 500 gb Hd connected to it by firewire, all macs can use the files on this drive.

i am running osx10.3.7 and i can read and write files to this server ok and all files are recognised by the correct programs and have the correct icons
but when another user using osx10.3.8 saves files to this drive all the icons are blank white icons and are not recognized by any apps even the ones that created them.

any help with this would be much appreciated as its getting to point that any work done by this user cant be recognised at all


I am wondering if your computers are saving with the file extensions (hello.doc, picture.psd, quarkthing.qpd) and his is not.

If it were OS 9, I would say a desktop file needs to be rebuilt, but this is OS X, and that should not be the case anymore.

Is it still happening?


up this is still happeneing, we have tried all sorts to get it to work properly, and now my manager has decided to format the drive and instal from fresh,

Im keeping out of his way lol



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