Does anyone know where files such as flash files go to in safari? I wanted to know because in internet explorer there was a folder named 'temporary' where files used to go and you could drag them out of there and keep them. Is there such a folder in safari? (I read about the cache but could not manage to get the cached data to run.) Thanks!!!

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OS X has a concept of Users and Passwords, and it will hold all of the settings of a particular user within your home directory. Unless you have changed it, your Safari settings are on:


where YOURSYSVOL and USERNAME will be unique to your setup.

Inside the Safari folder will be some history and bookmark files, and then a folder called Icons. Within the icons folders are more folders, and from there, it is a maze to find what you are looking for.

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Safari only show a couple of '.plist' files in my folder:

And then another folder Localstorage with a couple of 0kb 'website_0.localstorage' files.

I can't find what you are writing about. I am using snow leopard, perhaps things ahve changed?

I needed to find the temp items folder and /YOURSYSVOL/Users/USERNAME/Library/Safari didn't work for me either. I located the folder with this path under the users account not the internal Library path for OSX 10.6.5: (username)/Library/Cashes/TemporaryItems

Worked for me, hope it works for you..

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