Hi Friends

I've posted this messege at the viruses subfolder , after a question about HJT
but msaybe it belongs here

at this link:


But before I could do anything, my system halted


I've just reboot

when It goes up it says:

win98 enabled
Searching For Boot Record Fron IDE-0..OK

and when I've tried to boot from a win98se system operating flopy,
It says:
Starting Windows 98...



I can change it to c:\
and see the files by dir command

I have one hard drive what is partitioned to C and D

Please please....

How can I have my OS back?

THanks in ADvance


When I try:

go to c:\windows

then win

It says:

Himem.sys Is missing
Make sure that the file is at your Windows directory

Ok, I've checked it, and the file is there

so what shall I do?

Oh much better
now the OS goes up
but it says that

Unable to initialize the scaning database antivirus engine files

so it is haled unless I agree to continue

I use Norton antivirus ans system works 2004

Is it because my last acions?

What shall I do now?

Thanks a lot

Unable to initialize the scaning database antivirus engine files

This message means you antivirus has beed disabled,usuall by virus/or trojan .
go back to your other thread and run hijackthis again and post a fresh log .

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