Tuesday's the big day, just wondering if anyone had any predictions or anything they really want to see happen. Here's mine...

Ultraportable Macbook
New Apple TV
Video rentals from iTunes
Blue-Ray support in 17" Macbook Pros
(please please please!!) 3G iPhone with 16-32GB

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I'm really hoping for solid-state hard drives in the new ultraportable macbook...those would be slick to have.

I doubt macbook pros will get blu-ray support since the new mac pros didn't get it.

the iphones are definitely due for an upgrade though


The ultraportable really looks like a sure thing. One problem...Macbook Air? Not really feeling the name


iPhone that is not networked locked, user replaceable battery and large expandable removable memory. All restrictions removed. I love MAC but will put up with my Windows (yuk) PDA and even buy another one soon. Unless Apple does these things the novelty will wear off and other makers will get the jump and the sales.

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