hey guys,
hope you can help me out.
I'm running a Powerbook G4 with OSX 10.3.9.
I've connected up my new Airport Express to the ADSL Nation X-Modem with the right cables. All the lights are green and flashing in the approved way on both devices.
I've run the Airport set-up application and it's successfully detected and configured the Airport device. Opening Internet Connect reveals that the it's all up and running smoothly.
BUT when I try to open Safari, it can't connect to the Internet???
I can still connecting via wire to my old SpeedTouch modem.
Where am I going wrong?
Nat :eek:

Are you sure it cannot connect to the "internet" or that it has no DNS?

If you can get to the following website:

Then the problem is with your DNS. Whatever DNS server you're supposed to have set up in your ABS aren't being passed to your computer. I'd suggest finding out what they IP addresses of the DNS servers are supposed to be (from your ISP) and putting them in the requisite spots in the Network prefpane.

If you cannot get to the website above, then the problem is with connectivity, and it's possible the ABS isn't getting to the outside, it may not be correctly configured.

thanks for the quick response yellow, I can get to that link fine, so it must be the DNS as you say. I'll contact my ISP,

I called my ISP and got the DSN numbers. I went to System Preferences/Network, highlighted the Airport and under TCP/IP entered the two DNS IP addresses. However, it still won't connect!!!

Did you Apply (Apply button at bottom) it after you entered them? Tried a restart?

You also might want to put those DNS servers in the Airport Base Station too..

Is that in Applications/Utilities/AirPort Admin Utility? I went to the Internet section of that. There's already a DNS server number. in there, so I just added one of my ISP's in the empty dialog box beneath it. Didn't work, so I tried replacing the one there with my one. Still didn't work!

I guess maybe you should take the ABS out of the loop and make sure the laptop works plugged directly into the broadband modem.

no, same problem. I've run through the ADSL modem set-up and run the diagnostic. It passes all its tests but fails to connect to the Internet. Unbelievable.

So, looks like the problem is either with the Mac or with the DSL modem.

I'd create a new Location in the Network prefpane and start fresh, using the information that your ISP provided for you to connect.

yellow, it's working! no idea why it decided to change its mind and start working, perhaps the yelling and screaming helped...
thanks a lot for your help today, I'm naming my cat yellow...

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