So, I finally was able to install OS X on one of my hardrives, but most of my music is on another hardrive, and the amount of memory left on the hardrive I have installed OS X on wouldn't support the amount of songs I have. Is there any way to simply import the songs onto my ITunes without copying the files to the OS X hardrive?

This is what it looks like in 9.2 start up disk:

As you can see there are two Macintosh HD's. And in 9.2 I can just import the songs.

But, look at the desktop in 10.3:

You only see one hardrive, and I am unable to locate the other files from the other hardrive in order to import the music onto my ITunes without copying the files.

yes, you should be able to go into preferences in the Advanced tab select the location you want your tunes folder to be in

After I select which folder I want it to be in all I see is 'Itunes Library" and when I click on it, or drag it to the Itunes, nothing changes. I still only have the songs saved on that hard drive in my Itunes.

Yes and no. The music library that you point iTunes at has to contain all the music. You cannot split the music between 2 iTunes libs. So you will have to import all the music from your bootdrive's iTunes lib into the one on your other HD. You should be able to point iTunes at your 'other hard drive' and choose "consolidate library".