Helo, I'm a newbee in using mac os ,X specially and i have this strange error that i can't understand. I don't want to annoying with a silly question, but can anyone explain me what is happening. The problem: a few days ago my maill.app stop receiving mails, in my webmail all is ok, i can receice and send mail. I did not try another mail client yet, i hoope i can resolve this problem. Thankyou for you patience.

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You are going to have to get some more information. Can you send mail from your application. Is there any symbols after your mail account of your message viewer. Please run the connection doctor (under window) and see if if it connects with your ISP. Do you have more than one account set up? Is is a POP or an IMAP account.
Have no fear, mail troubleshooting can get quite nasty as there are many different settings involved. One step at a time.

Ok step by step:
1. It is an POP account,
2. It's the only account i have set up,
3. I can send mail, but i don't receive ( the send/receive operation is not giving me any error message),
4. I use telnet for the account and the connection is working with my ISP.

Alright, trying this again. Daniweb forgot I was logged in and I lost what I wrote. Or it timed out.

Your OS X version and Mail version would help.

I had that issue before but don't recall the solution.
I do recall not sending and it's solution. Port 25 in Advanced in the Mail account settings.
Yours is probably in the settings in Mail. Apple Care (specialist) figured that one out for me long ago in a different Mail version for me.

This is the only thing I could find in a quick search. Hope it helps.

[ Re: Get Mail Button hasn't ever worked
Posted: May 28, 2009 8:01 PM in response to: ChucktownGMan
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"Okay, it's working now and here's what changed. Hope it sheds some light for you. Go to the Mailbox menu and check the Get New Mail option and see if the mailboxes listed are grayed out. Mine were and as a result, every time I hit the Get Mail button it did nothing. This meant somethign was wrong somewhere in the settings.I checked all the obvious settings and verified they were right but decided to call my administrator anyway and make sure the Port info was right in the email account settings. It was different than what I had previously. I got the new info, then went to Preferences/Accounts/Advanced and updated the "Port" info based on what my email administrator told me and then changed the Administration option to "authenticated POP (APOP)". It now is working like a charm. Ultimately a bad setting on my part.

Good luck!
Mac OS X (10.5.7)" ]

Apple "specialist" tech handled my last Mail issue quickly. My ISP could not help me except refer me to Apple.


Mac Mini 1.83 Ghz, Mac Book 2.0 GHz, eMacs 700 MHz & 1 GHz
OS X 5.7 OS X 3.8 X 3.9
Mail Version 3.6 (935/935.3)

I don't know if you have found a solution to you receiving mails. Great if you have, but please post. Still not having any luck post the details from the connection doctor. This will tell you where the problem is and what to do to solve it.

Sorry evreybody, but the MacBook wasn't in my posesion and i have to wait for it, after a bref discussion with one of my coworkers a was able try this solution:
I find out that MAC OS needs some free space on the hard drive for a good functionality, and i free up about 15gb (total is now: 32gb). Surprize, now is working. I don't really understand why and how come, but i will read more about it. Thankyou guys.

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