Hi, I have pagemaker 6.5 (I am used to the program and it satisfies all my dtp needs) and have been using it on an old apple G3. I am thinking of buying a Mac Mini which comes with Mac OS X Tiger - will the Pagemaker 6.5 work on this OS (in classic mode, I presume)?
Many thanks in advance for your assistance

My non-techo reply is that PageMaker works fine in Classic. Last year I bought an eMac and upgraded to InDesign. Should not have paid the money as PM does what I want and I must admit InDesign is harder to work with - I hate frames! (Or is it me who is resistant to change?)



Just be aware that the new intel Macs do not support classic. If you are going to get into the intel world, that will stop you.

Whatever the case, make sure you get plenty of memory for the new computer, as when running classic, you will have two operating systems installed and functioning!


Thanks Christian - I bought an eMac (OS X) over a year ago and have InDesign (which I still don't like in comparison to PageMaker), so I have no idea how a request dated Jan 22, 2006 was generated. Thanks for your response anyhow.

Regards - Dick

PS - Would like an Intel Mac but no money!

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