What about www.iantivirus.com? Any comments from anyone?

Its 2010, is MAC still going strong?

Do you really need an anti virus system on a mac? The chance of getting a virus is very small.

@ ekkanh... I really find your comment amusing... it is like asking someone, do you really need a life insurance... since the chance of your dying is very small... a few clarifications for you... firstly, mac has viruses... definitely not in the range of numbers for PC, regardless, it is vulnerable... the reason the viruses are less in mac, "until recently", is because of the number of people buying mac machines... when that number goes up, as recent market data indicates, the number of people wanting to create trouble in that framework will also increase... it is a plain phrase called "Economical Viability"... if you understand this, you will understand the need for an antivirus/internet based security...

The Best free anti virus softwares for mac operating system as per mine knowledge Norton Internet Security 3.0 is the best one.....

Is virusbarrierx5 compatible with Australian regions like New South Wales and Queensland?

clamX AV is good you may give it a try.

iAntiVirus is free. I think I usually download from Apple's site.

commented: what about people that want a paid one +0

witch is the best paid anti virus for the mac os

Intego is a paid version. The rest i stated above is free. you can tried out the intego free trial first before considering to but the full version. be a member of intego and you can a discout when buying intego software. The intego software also have support helpline, that you can call when you experiencing a problem.

I am currently using intego the paid version. and i recommend it to you

Looks like we need a poll here.
ClamXav is my recommendation. It's clean, neat and easy to configure. It does it's job well with low system resource overhead.
Consider a donation to the developer for an amount you think is appropriate.

Agree with SLmanDR above. if you think that clamxav is good, try considering a donation to the creator

I personally feel that Intego VirusBarriers X6 is the best but that is a paid version, for a free version i would recommend iantivirus. Here again is the link to those who want to visit iantvirus


I have did some research and prove my findings are correct. Here is the link. Check out intego products, it will not dissapoint you

1. Mac / NOT FREE: Virex is now McAfee VirusScan for Mac. McAfee has a Trial Version. It is not completely free.
2. Mac / NOT FREE: Intego Virus Barrier has a 30-day Trial. It is not free.
3. Mac / NOT FREE: Avast Software has Avast Mac Edition. It is not free.
4. Mac / FREE: Sophos has a free antivirus for Mac: Sophos Anti-virus for Mac Home Edition. It is 100% Free, as stated at the bottom of the page.
5. Mac / FREE: ClamXav is Free (Not Open Source). It is based on the open source ClamAV. This is the ClamXav Download Page. It also has Documentation. ClamXav uses "ClamXav Sentry to monitor your hard drive and scan new files as they arrive".
6. Mac / FREE: PCTools has iAntivirus. It is a Free Edition.

Extra Information for Windows Users Only:

1. Windows / FREE: Immunet (for Windows) is powered by ClamAV. ClamAV has Immunet's Real-Time Scanning backed up with ClamAV virus definitions and updates. It also uses Collective Immunity to help protect better.
2. Windows / FREE: ClamWin (for Windows) is based on ClamAV. ClamWin does not have a Real-Time Scanner.

For those of you who whould like to test your antivirus programs, there is an antivirus test file. It is not a virus. You can find information about it by reading in the following site: European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR).

This is EICAR's Code of Conduct.

The website is managed by Tabs and SubTabs, and it's designed in a frame. EICAR created the EICAR Anti-Malware Test File webpage. Please read everything so you have a full understanding on how to use the test files. At the bottom of the page, you can download one of the four (4) files.

If your antivirus is working, you will not be able to save the .COM or the .ZIP files. The antivirus should detect the "infection" named EICAR Anti-Malware Test Signature and avoid saving the file. If you are able to save the file. try opening it. The antivirus should detect the "infection".

If you are able to open the file, without any warning from your antivirus software, then you should verify if it is configured correctly. If it still doesn't detect the EICAR Anti-Malware Test Signature, then you should consider replacing your antivirus software.

It works thank for the link, tmarrero1234. My iantivirus software is able to remove it but virus barrier express does not detect anything, does that mean virusbarrier express is a poor antivirus software for mac?

It works thank for the link, tmarrero1234. My iantivirus software is able to remove it but virus barrier express does not detect anything, does that mean virusbarrier express is a poor antivirus software for mac?

In my opinion, the EICAR Anti-Malware Test Signature should be a standard for any antivirus vendor. If an antivirus does not detect a widely accepted method for testing it, I think the vendor has to do some serious work with their product.

It's like buying a vehicle that does not pass the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Safety Standards. Would you feel safe driving such a vehicle?

You can apply this analogy when you install an antivirus that does not detect the EICAR Anti-Malware Test Signature. Will it really protect your system?

Take care.

i don't think so MAC allow virus to get in system if its true then plz recommend me a good antivirus for mac

Use iantivurs. It is the best and mac do have virus and trojans but rare now, common in the future. Future maybe referring to a few months time better prepare now and be safe or be sorry later. GO to iantivirus website. . Use the free version is enough to keep your mac safe, update the virus definition regularly

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