Hi, I am a relatively new iMac user, and I mostly love it. However, I can't figure out how to save Appleworks so that I can open the disk at the library to print it(I can't afford a printer anytime soon). When I use the choices and save it as Windows 97, I still can't open it on a PC. I've been told that even if I install Word for Mac that the same thing will happen. Help? Terrie

Define "disk".


If so, unless the floppy is formatted for MS-DOS, the PC won't read it without special software. The Mac will read/write to an MS-DOS formatted floppy just fine.

Thanks. I'm just copying the document into my email and then copying it to Word at the library so I can print it out. I can put up with it until I can get a printer. But how do I format the Floppy in MS-DOS? Would MS-DOS be some sort of underlying OS for both PC's and Macs? By the way Yellow, I really appreciate your help. Since I fried the PC laptop given to me, now that I have this Mac which I like more every day, I'm afraid to try anything on my own, like "just putting the floppy in and see what happens" advice you gave me on another thread. I probably would have done that on my own had I not learned not to try anything if I don't know what I'm doing! Thanks again. Terrie

Just make sure you back up often, and don't be scared to do anything!

In the floppy reference to MS-DOS is indeed an OS for the PC (it's what All versions of Windows up until Window95(?) were built on top of). But on your Mac, it's used as more of an indicator of what types of computers it can be used on. It actually formats the floppy as FAT16, which is a Windows disk format.

Apple, since it's always the little kid on the block, has built into the OS the ability to read and write to most Windows disk formats (Only NTFS write doesn't work. Yet). It's a smart move for Apple to try and be as compatible as possible. MS Windows, doesn't give a crap, and to read anything except it's own proprietary stuff, you need 3rd party software.

But emailing is probably the best/fastest/easiest/safeest move.

Thanks again. I've already started saving up for a printer. Terrie