I'm running a power mac G4 on OS X 10.2.1. I restarted in classic mode (OS 9) but discovered my mouse and keyboard would not work.
I rebooted (by pressing and holding the power button) and the Mac began to reboot.
It started to reboot in classic environment but stopped at a grey screen with a folder icon at the centre. Within this folder icon were the finder icon and a question mark icon which were alternately flashing (first one then the other and so on);
I ran the "hard disk technical analysis CD", both short and long analysis and it came back with no problems.
I decided to reinstall the OS but could only find the 10.1.3 CD which doesnt have the facility to backup before reinstalling the OS. Naturally I want to keep the files that are on the hard drive (Especially since it is my girlfriends bosses computer! - I went in to help her with a few things and have totally shagged the entire thing).
As things stand, she is about to lose her job and I'm about to be single. In desperate need of any advice.
Please help!!!

Restart. Hold down x on the keyboard. Does it boot into OS X? It should.

The box should also be upgraded to 10.2.8, and I suspect there are quite a few missing security updates as well.