I just recently bought a iBook G4 and I have the two computers connected to the internet but my problem is that I am trying to share files with the Apple and The PC and vice versa. Any suggestions?

Hello Nemisis,

In order to connect and share files, 4 things must be established and working.

1) Physical Network: Are they all wired together, either via a hub (smart), or crossover cable (risky)? Do they have a common IP scheme, or is the windows box listening for NetBIOS packets? If they are both connected to the internet, are they direct (public IP addresses) or through a router (Private IP)? Make sure that each box can ping the other.

2) Server services: On the Mac, is file sharing turned on? You did not mention what versions of OS is installed, but both Windows and Mac have file sharing extensions (services, applets) that are required to be on. These services listen for the connections.

3) Share permissions. Ok. The services are on. Do you have sharing rights enabled so that visiting users can see where you are trying to share (called a sharepoint)? Are the users configured so that they can login and see something?

4) File permissions. Windows and Mac OS X can now lock down files based on usernames and individual file rights. Do your users have the file rights to access your data?

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have some specific problems.


Additionally, try searching for the SAMBA filesharing suite for the Mac.

Generally, it comes pre-installed on OS X, and there may be a "Connect to Server" option in the Finder. If there is one, and you've configured file sharing on the Windows machine, you can type in the IP address of the Windows system in the Connect to server box there.

Just last night I logged on the mac from the pc. But I can not log in from the mac because it gives me a error message that it can not log on because the data can not be read nor written. So I am lost.
I have a Netgear wireless router.
Windows XP Home
Mac OS X Panther
Thanks for your help!:lol:
What else should I do?


You reported that the PC is logging into the Mac just fine, so we can assume that the network is fine, and we are looking at a Mac --> PC issue.

Data could not be read or written implies that sharing is there, but file permissions or sharing permissions are invalid. I would look to see if you have writing permissions on the account that you are using on the PC.

Leave the wireless router alone. That is not the issue.

You can also go into the XP logs to see if there are any hints of connections or errors contained in the logs.

Gut guess is that you need write permissions enabled via the share control panel, or NTFS permissions. XP also has a built in firewall that may need to be explored.


Ureka! I did it, It was the firewall in XP! Thanks again!!

Ureka! I did it, It was the firewall in XP! Thanks again!!

Let this be a lesson to us all-- even though this is a Mac forum, it should be noted that if someone is behind a hardware firewall like a router, it's usually not neccesary to run a software firewall on your system, unless there are people or machines on your LAN you don't trust...