Hi! :cheesy:
Somebody help me with this problem:
i'm in a network with some friends and i can't share a thing. :sad:
When they try to acces my computer from the network places folder they will be asked a the user name and a password.But i don't have any passwords.May the problem be from the anti-virus(kaspersky...i think it has a firewall)??? :o

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are you running windows xp?

chances are that you haven't set up the policy for sharing
and its asking for your administrator login/password


Information, such as your Operating System, would be helpful for us to help you out.


information definetly helpfull

Sorry i forgot to tell you that i have Windows XP profesional. :o

thx ;) , but my sharing and security window look diferent and i don't how to change it
When i reinstalled my windows XP the shareing window was changed ...so i modified it in the control panel at the administrative panel
This window has 2 options :1share
2don't share
But the share option has three more sub-options:
share name
user limit
when i had the old window i could share anything :cheesy:

hope im not bothering anyone with my probloems :o

Hi Schtrudel,

When you get the box asking for user and password, try typing administrator and no password and see if that lets you in. If so, you are OK but need to do some work on your network administration.

i think the diference from the tutorial might be between xp home and pro

there is another thing you can try

in my computer there should be a folder called "Shared Documents"
if you move the folder you want to share into there and enable sharing it should work just fine

There is a difference between XP Pro and XP Home and you're correct with the drag and drop method if you're using XP Home addition.

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