Okay, i can play runescape on my emac, the only problem is that During the game you need to right click, I know that if i want to right click on a mac all i have to do is CTRL + click , But it doesn't seem to work, Anyone know how i can play?

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try using the 'apple key' + click

I love that game, also i dont know how to, cause i have xp

control + click could work if command + click doesn't.

Someone update me on this problem but in connection with Beyond Atlantis (Atlantis II) I have tried all the suggestions and can not get the rainbow bridge puzzle pieces to rotate as needed to solve the puzzle.

Ok, I got upset at the keyboard and accidently answered my own earlier post. it might help other MAC users. If Shift-click is not working, nor any of the other suggestions helping, hold down the Apple key or Option key and then type N on the keyboard. It worked fine. Might another keyboard stroke that works on your keyboard, but give it a try. For the record, I use a Logitech optical mouse with left and right clicks as well as the scroll wheel. Nothing helped until I found the N factor.

Problem solved :)
I too had htis problem.
Ingame click on the screwdriver to bring up and options menu, from there you can chose how many buttons your mouse has. If you have it set on one then it automatically right clicks if more that one action is available :)

once i start loading the runescape it freezes, i think this is because i have a mac osx plz help what should i get and how should i do it :mad: :eek: :?: :?: :mad: :mad:

Not sure how any computer users can even get away without a two buttoned mouse anymore.

The quick solution, IMO, would be to run down to best buy, or your local computer shop, and pickup a cheap 2 buttoned mouse.

click on the lil tool button at the bottom and set it to 1 button instead of 2, so then even if u left click ...it will right click

my imac g5 has a mighty mouse. if you get one of them(they are made by apple), you can go into system prefs and switch it from one mouse button to two. there is a sensor in the mouse that can tell what side of the mouse you are clicking on. it works really good. and for those that can't get runescape to work on your macs, i have no clue what you are doing, because all i did was have to download java and it worked. hope this helps.

You get on the settings on runescape, (the wrench) and click on the mouse, then you can right click. the settings is where the inventory and stuff is

Please spend some money on optical mouse and you can right click just like for any windows system. I too use Logitech optical wireless mouse. :-)

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