Greetings everyone,
i've been a pc user for years and i'm *gulp* going to betray years and go with a mac, so i can use it for my major (mass comm with emphasis on video editing, audio editing, and overall music stuff) i'm looking at a 12 inch powerbook g4 and the only thing that's preventing me from running out and buying one (somewhat) is the question: could i use a soundblaster audigy or an extigy with my mac to support my 5.1 creative speakers, or is there something else i could use?? an answer will gladly appreciated as well as other switching advice

As far as I can tell, it won't work. Rather, Sound Blaster provides separate made for mac soundcards. However, the sound cards that ship with Apple are pretty good - I would be confident they would work with 5.1 speakers.

CDW indicates the following is mac compatible. You may wish to double check just in case: